Silverbakk Measure will give you complete control over your online presence in online news, social media as well as onsite analytics.

Measure online success

Silverbakk will help you measure and monitor your online success. By tracking social media, online news and traffic on your sites you will always have the complete picture of your company in our dashboards.

Online target and KPI’s

Take full control over your online presence with targets and KPI’s. With Silverbakk it is easy to set up and an easy to follow up dashboard as well as deep analytics of all included channels and monitoring. Now you can measure your short- or long-term initiaives with hard facts and numbers. Silverbakk presents online analytics from a business perspective, not from a technical perspective.

Real-time Infographics

Ever thought about why Infographics always are in pdf or static? They do not have to be any longer. With Silverbakk it is easy to mix intelligent data with beautiful design and present real-time data in an intuitive and user friendly way. Mix data from multiple sources and crunch them with clever formulas or just present raw data, all presented in a beautiful design.

Online analytics and follow-up

As a foundation in Silverbakk is the data. Connect Google Analytics, Facebook Pages (yours and others), Twitter, Youtube, the best social media monitoring and more, you will have analytics in context at your fingertips and available to all who have access to Silverbakk, no more multiple logins, admin access hassle. Everything is available at one place, in Silverbakk. With Silverbakk it is easy to follow-up and analyze your online presence.

Latest blog entries

Recent product updates

We are now reaching the end of an exciting 2013 and it is now time to give you a summary of what we’ve been up to. Our efforts have mainly been targeting our latest product, Silverbakk Measure. It helps clients get insights about their …

New leadership at Silverbakk

The most publicly known Silverbakk, Fredrik Stenbeck is moving to Singapore for new adventures. Magnus Elmehav is therefore taking over as CEO. Fredrik will stay as board member and is still a shareholder in Silverbakk.

Top 100 politicians in social media

Our partner Infopaq is first to do a publicly available dashboard that is powered by the Silverbakk platform. They have launched Social Media Chart and the first chart is to rank “How 100 world politicians rank in social media”.

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